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Visual Artist  
Lea Turto

Was born in 1957 in Huittinen
Worked and lived in Helsinki 1979-99
Has lived and worked in Jyväskylä since 1999
Homepage: www.environmentalart.net/turto

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1976 – 78 Art school of the Art Association of Turku
1978 – 82 The School of the Finnish Fine Arts Academy, studies of painting, Helsinki
1992 – 95 University of Industrial Arts, studies of art pedagogy, Helsinki
1999 – 2002 Media-assistante, multimedia, Jaiko, Jyväskylä

Article by Otso Kantokorpi /  “10th Anniversary Suppliment Frame/news
"Time for a Revolution of Values:
The value of memory, remembering and reminiscing must be overrated, since the process by which people learn from their mistakes seems so painfully slow. It is as if the recession of the 1990s taught us almost nothing. The worldwide political shift to the right and globalisation, so often embraced by contemporary art, are taking place almost exclusively on terms dictated by the market economy. In the world of art, the last ten years have seen many changes for the worse: star worship has intensified (which, somewhat paradoxically, is partly due to the apparent democratisation of art through education; according to the logic of the market economy, the bigger the crowd, the greater the need to stand out), the increased power of curators and the international mega-exhibitions have had a thematically homogenising effect on art at the levels of method and content. Yet in its rhetoric art is always ‘progressive’; on the side of the small, the ordinary, the everyday. The rhetoric, however, mostly remains just that. It rarely leads to real actions or interventions with lasting consequences. Still, such things do occur every now and then. For me, the various community-based and local projects have produced the most enduring art of the last ten years: I am thinking here of Ritva Harle, Minna Heikinaho, Sanna Sarva, Jonna Pohjalainen and Lea Turto, to name but a few. One reason why this kind of art is enduring is that a communal art project, apart from and instead of involving just the manufacture of objects, is always a social process whose importance will only be revealed in years to come. Critics, too, should pay attention to this process. This is what I try to do and I am optimistic. The power of community appears to be the only counterforce to market-led globalisation. "
by Otso Kantokorpi: Editor-in-Chief, Taide  magazine, Helsinki, “10th Anniversary Suppliment Frame/news

Ligt istallation Keuruu, Lea Turto
Ligts installation Keruu, 2014

Premiere exhibition
1979 Art Museum of Wäinö Aaltonen, Turku

Lea Turto laetest works:

Latest Exhibitions:
Light installation "Värikylpy", Keuruu public swimming pool, 2014
Valon Aika Jämsä, 2014
KOLI- Environmental Art Festival 2013, "Stone Svamps".
Mikkeli Art happening, Park of Mikael 2013

- 1.3.2012 -  working as curator and editor at EnvironmentalArt.net virtual gallery:
online exhibitions of the season, Directory of 50 artists, News etc.(independed artist run online art project)
- 2012 RecyclArt.org publication of Kaisa salmi- Road to Heaven, and Oranki Art Park
- editorial staff 2008-2011 / Lea Turto editor, layout
Katalog:  Close to Nature / Metsän merkitsemät / Mark of the Forest - ympäristötaiteilijoita Lapista Helsinkiin / 
Environmental Artists in Finland

- 2012 Communal Art Project: Lauri Kaitaniemi, sähköpyörätuoli ja Paraolympialaiset, video, DVD, Jyväskylä
- 2010-2013 Communal Art Project: recycling

Selected group exhibitions
Several exhibitions, for example
2006,-05,-04,-03, -02 and 2000 The Annual Exhibition of the Association of Jyväskylä Artists
1989, -86,-83 The Regional Exhibition of Greater Helsinki, Uusimaa
1985, -82 The Annual Exhibition of Finish Artist Helsinki
1982, -81, -79 The Exhibition of Young Artist Helsinki

The revelation of Virgin Mary, big picture  
 Gallery 4:
"The revelation of  Virgin Mary" 2001.

Solo exhibitions
2010 Vitriini Gallery, Jyväskylä
2007 K-gallery, Huittinen
2006 Gallery Nunes, Helsinki
2006 Gallery of Malmitalo, Helsinki
2004 Gallery Koivulinna, Pukkila
2004 Art Museum of Saarijärvi
2003 Mu-Terem Galéria, Debrecen
2003 "Daughters of Mary", Gallery Laterna Magiga, Helsinki
2003 Lea Turto and Päivi Meriläinen, Art Center of Mältinranta, Tampere

20 exhibitions during 1984 since 2002, for example
2002 Gallery Becker, Jyväskylä
2000 Forge of Lights, “WILL-O´-THE WIPSP” Hospital of Myllypuro Helsinki
1999 Art Museum of Tikanoja Vaasa
1998 Gallery Gjutars, The Association of Artist in Vantaa 
1998 “Garden of Angels”, Summer of Jyväskylä Jyväskylä
1994 Art Museum of Matinpalo Nastola
1992 Gallery BE´19 Helsinki
1989 Gallery Katariina Helsinki
1988 Gallery of the Association of Artist in Turku.
1986 Gallery Katariina Helsinki

Lea Turto
Lea Turto: Tears

Exhibitions, invited:
- 2010 Fluss, curator Anna Zeilinger, Environmental Art aus Finland, Itävälta
- 2007 "Close to Natur: Mark of the Forest", Finnish Landscape Art, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Australia
- 2007-10 The Centre for Creative Photography, Alueellisen valokuvauksen kiertonäyttely
- 2007 "Siltojen välissä" environmental art exhibition, Jämsä
2002 "Miniatyr" Gallery K, Huittinen and Ars Nova, Turku
-2001, Kic the Nordic Art, Germany
- 2000 Street Gallery of Huittinen.
- 1992 The 25th Celebration Exhibition of the Artists´ Association of Helsinki.
- 1988 “Five young artists from Helsinki”, Helsinki Weeks: Prague  Poland
- 1988 “Five young artist from Helsinki”, Helsinki Weeks: Warsaw Czechkoslovakia
- 1986 "Internationale Jugendtriennale der Zeihnung”: Wien Austria.
 - 1985 "Internatinale jugendtriennale der Zeichnung“: Nürnberg Deutchland
- 1986 ”Finland in Nürnberg” , Art Museum of Amos Andersson Helsinki
- 1982 “Erkylän Ometta” Summer exhibition Hyvinkää

colourfull lightning of balconies lightning of the stairs lightning of warehouse
Galleria 1: The Lightning of The Myllypuro Hospital
Group exhibitions, selectived
- 2008 POINTTI -Environmental Art Exhibition, Jyväskylä
- 2007 PUISTO - Environmental Art Exhibition, Ala-Malmi, Helsinki
- 2007 Oranki Art 07 environmental Art Exhibition, Pello Lapland
- 2007 "UudenPolvenMuseo", Säynätsalon teollisuustalo, Jyväskylä
- 2007 "Viisi Napaa", Cultural Center Poleeni, Pieksämäki
- 2007 Summer Gallery Via Arte, Viitasaari
- 2006 Oranki Art 06, Environmental Art Exhibitin, Pello, Lapland
- 2006 "Apostles", Female artists fron Central-Finland, Gallery Rantakasarmi, Helsinki
- 2005 "Skutsi" Environmental Art Exhibitin, Central Park forest, Helsinki
- 2005 Group of the Curator Alberto Ferretti, Nelimarkka Museum
- 2004 " Kivinokka" Environmental Art Exhibition, Helsinki
- 2004 "Apostles", Female artists fron Central-Finland, Museum of Central-Finland
- 2004 "Pyhä, henki ja keho", gallery, Valomo, Kokemäki
- 2004 Group of the Curator Alberto Ferretti, Art Museum of Saarijärvi
- 2003 Group of the Curator Alberto Ferretti, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, italy
- 2003 "Roots and Growns" Art from Central Finland, Art Hall of Petroskoi, Russia
- 2003 "Hiiva" summer exhibition, Artist of Lutakko, Jyväskylä
- 2002 "Watersupply" Open Air Art Museum at Pedvale
- 2002 Ars Kärsämäki" Environmental Art Exhibition
- 2002 Rantaraitti Environmental Art Exhibition in Jyväskylä
- 2002 Mänty-Honka-Petäjä group of artist, Arthall of Seinäjoki
- 2002 Summer Exhibition "Duuni". The Artists Association of Helsinki, Gallery Katariina
- 2002 and 2001 the Environmental Art Exhibition by the Riverside of Mätäjoki Helsinki
- 2000 Lighting up Myllypuro Hospital
- 2000 Environmental Art Exhibition by the Riverside of Mätäjoki Helsinki

Several exhibitions, during 1979 since 2000, for example
- 1999 “Koti särkyneelle mielelle”, The componary Art Museum Kiasma Helsinki and The Art Museum of Oulu.
- 1998 Several environmental art exhibitions with the group of “Nomad” : Jämsä 1998, Helsinki 1996 -97
- 1990 ”Diary”, the city of Helsinki`s Art Gallery Kluuvi.
- 1989 ”Grand Finale”, International artist camp Ulappa Turku
- 1987 “Kilo 2”, Exhibition in the old fabric building of Kilo Espoo

- 2000 “Colour Laundry 2000”, VR-Makasiinit, Helsinki, with Nella Keskisarja, Jonna Pohjalainen, Sami Sarasalo and Riitta Shild-Oivo.
Color Loundry performance VR-makasiinit Helsinki 2000 

- 1998 ”Shadow Painting” with Heikki Mäntymaa, Sari Lukkarinen and Harri Markkula: Helsinki, Hakanieni ravintola.

- 1998 ”The Cube of Light” with Heikki Mäntymaa and Harri Markkula: Helsinki, matkailumessut -
painting action.

Painting action - performance, Lea Turto ja Heikki Mäntymaa, matkailumessut -98

Paintin action, performance, Lea Turto ja Heikki mäntymaa Painting action, matkailumessut, Lea Turto ja Heikki Mäntymaa 1998

Works of Art displayed for example in the following collections:
The State of Finland, The Art Museum of Helsinki City, Modern Art Collection, The Museum of Wäinö Aaltonen, OKO, KOP, Imatran Voima, and in the collections of several cities.

Member ships
- Finnish Painters Union, member of the board 1989 –90, 1994 – 2000.
- Finnish Painters Union, Chairman the board of exhibition arrangement 1997 – 2000. 
- The Artist Association of Helsinki, member of the board 1989- 90, chairman of the board 1991 – 93.
- The environmental Art Group Nomad, chairman of the group 1995 – 98
- The Artists Association Of Jyväskylä.
-The group of Artists Mänty-Honka-Petäjä.
- Oranki Art ry
- Joki ry
-Art Works ry

Working as a Curator
2002 Creator and managing editor of EnvironmentalArt.net;
Virtual Gallery presents Site Spesific Art, Land Art and Environmental Art from Finland

Produsing the Environmental Art Exhibitions
-Since 1995 Lea Turto has worked in environmental art groups and been involved with staging public exhibitions.
- in 1995 Lea turto was a founder member of an environmental art group called - Nomad, whose chairperson she was until 1998. Main Nomad Group Exhibitions "Jättömaa", Ruoholahti, Helsinki, 1997 and first "Siltojen Välissä"
ympäristötaidenäyttely, Jämsä 1998 was curated and produced by working group Lea Turto and Harri Markkula.
- Since 1999 Lea Turto has been a member of the Mätäjoki Environmental Art Group. Main Exhibition: Mätäjoki-ympäristötaidenäyttely 2000, Helsnki European Capital of Culture
- 2005 Lea Turto wrotes the scheme for exhibition in Central Parks during Olympic Games in Gelsinki, she was a founder member of an environmental art exhibition group called SKUTSI / Forest Environmental Art project, Central Park, Helsinki.
- curator and producer of PARK Environmental Art exhibition (Helsinki, Ala-Malmi) 2007.
- curator and producer of Close to Nature: Marks of the Forest Environmental Art from Finland Exhibition, Adeleide Festival Centrer, Australia.
- Curator and producer with Art Works ry: Pointti Environmental Art Exhibition, Jyväskylä 2008

latest  Taiteen edistämiskeskus, kohde 2014, Keski-Suomen taidetoimikunta kohde  2012, 2007: Finnish Cultural Foundation työskentely 2007,

Spring 2002 Editor Awards, Best New World/Suomi Editor, dmoz, Open director Projektin suomen Kuvataiteen osasto

Articles: Environmental Art of Lea Turto, for example
- Sculpture 2011, by Jeff Huebner
- SHIFT - curating the culture of Today`s Environment. Art and Nature: Lea Turto, article by Karl Buckart, 21.12.2009
- Inhabitant (desing will save the world) Lea Turto: Sacred Groves article by Moe Beistiks, 11.12.2008


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