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Your window on Finnish Environmental Art / Ympäristötaide verkossa

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Aino Louhi, Kaija Papu
- Urban knitting

Winning Works / Palkitut

“The Happiest Tree in the World” from Oranki Art Park

Aino Louhi and Kaija Papu were awarded by the Association of Environmental Art of Finland, who chose “The Happiest Tree in the World” as Environmental Artwork of the year 2009 together with Helen Evans’ and Heiko Hansen’s “Green Cloud”.

The happiest three in the world The happiest three in the world

"Maailman onnellisin puu" Oranki Art ympäristötaidenäyttelystä 2008

Ympäristötaiteen säätiö on valinnut Kaija Papun ja Aino Louhen teoksen Maailman onnellisin puu sekä Helen Evansin ja Heiko Hansenin teoksen Vihreä Pilvi vuoden 2008 ympäristötaideteoksiksi.

The happiest three in the world

Aino Louhi and Kaija Papu
Lives and works in Tampere

Young Artists who makes many kind of things.

Aino Louhi draws, installs, knits, paints, cuts, sculpts, collects, writes, bakes, grows and dreams to make art. Mostly alone, sometimes with her friend Kaija Papu. She lives and works in Tampere and gets her inspiration from biking on world´s longest ice agean ridge.

Aino Louhi and Kaija Papu have also knit-o-mania. They works together with urban knitting Art project.

Kaija Papu writes:

Why do we talk about history and not herstory? Why are things man-made? And why does a chairman have breasts? Who came up with the words man and woman? When did it happen and can we rely on that person’s invention anymore? Is it still valid or even necessary?

I haven’t found any advantages in dividing people into two. It hasn’t alleviated my life or sparked my persona. Simplyfying complicated issues doesn’t benefit anyone. My art pokes categories and make them feel uneasy.
“Giddyup gender hierarchys!” I shout with a stroke of a whip.
“Faster dichotomy, faster deep-seated attitudes, faster absoluteness!”

Pen, paper and scissors. Ink, markers and Felt-tipped pens. Camera, film and flashes. Macbook, mouse and sleepless nights. These are my whip to incite the ingrained attitudes of mind and language forward, towards change.

Aino Louhi and Kaija Papu
Aino Louhi and Kaija Papu