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Blooming Stone Field / Kukkiva KiviPelto 2015 – 2017


Pernille Toft Lund: Message to the World 2016
Stone, wax, sacralize

Blooming Stone Field 2015 – 2017 Environmental art at the rural landscape of Niva in North Karelia.

Pernille Toft Lund, Message to the World.
Pernille Toft Lund, Message to the World 2016. The tulips front of the stones are One Day installation by Anne Pehkonen 15.9.2016 klo 11.00 - 16.9.2016 klo 11.00. Pernille Toft Lund passed out silk flowers to mark messages made of schoolchilds 12.09.2016
Pernille Toft Lund, Message to the World 2016 ja One day installation by Anne Pehkonen,
Anne Pehkonen merkitsi Pernillen jättämillä silkkitulppaaneilla viestit jotka koululaiset tekivät ympäristötaidetyöpajassa 12.9.2016, Pernillen teoksen ympärille.
Installaatio oli 15.9.2016 klo 11.00 - 16.9.2016 klo 11.00, jonka jälkeen kukat poistettiin.

Thanks you Pernille!

Working prosess 7.9.-12.9.2016 photos by Anne Pehkonen

07.09.2016 Pernille is picking the right place for her art work


08.09.2016 Pernille is cleaning and washing the stones





09.09.2016 sacralizing the stones with holy water





12.09.2016 The stones are coated with wax

12.09.2016 waxing

12.09.2012 waxing

12.09.2016 waxing


Pernille Toft Lund
12.09.2016  The stones are coated with so they will always appear shiny - as if they are wet.

Hammaslahden koulun 6.luokka
the 6th class from Hammaslahti school.
Hammaslahden koulun kuudesluokkalaiset ryhmäkuvassa Kukkivalla Kivipellolla 2016




toimittaja Irina Larionova kävi tutustumassa Kukkivaan KiviPeltoon 4.9.2016.

The title is  "Message to the World" -at Niva ... 
Pernille Toft Lund wrotes:

"My works is a conceptual work - which consists of two large stones, each supportive on a smaller stone. The two large stones have very different appearance and have many beautiful  clearly visible structures - they are coated so they will always appear shiny - as if they are wet.

My wish for this work is, that the stones appear with a force symbolizing something far greater than the individual and the time now -  great reverence for the time there were before us, for each other, and for the future.
This is the essence for me, but I do not think the viewer necessarily have to experience exactly that, in order to benefit from the meeting with my work. I would like the viewer to experience their own reflection.

When I was invited to Niva, and read about the found of several Stone Age settlements in the area, I decided to work with stones as the messengers through times. Subsequently I have understood that it is also did influence by Anne Marjut Pehkonens idea to do this big enviormentel art project - Blooming Stone Field.

I have chosen to let the stone appear as we know them from nature ...
I find it interesting to use the stone clean in its own expression -to present itself as an object  -there through the setup and presentation ... can cause a disturbance which we react to - despite the fact that the stone is not an unknown thing.

Respect for people and the time that has been before -I find as a important foundation, for understanding what we are and the opportunities we have to day... The stones have witnessed everything - and will hopefully continue for very long time

Thinking of the stone as it continuous, and made into symbol of the unbroken chain, that we all are a part of and responsible for, I was doubly pleased to be invited to work with the next generation, the 6th class from Hammaslahti school.
I want to give them an new experience with art - something that could affect them - something that they can make use of, and to work together with them in their consciousness, about that their own active participation in time-chain is significant.

Hammaslahden koululaiset

I was first invited one day into their classroom, and some days later they were invited out to us at the Blooming Stone Field, to work there. Each of the students made their own work to join with mine in the unite works "Massage to the World "in Niva.

Hammaslahden koululaiset ja Pernille Toft Lund

Each of the students chose very carefully their own stone, cleaned it up, and put it into the ground near to my two large stones. Under the stones, each student has written their "wish for the world" on a paper, where the writing subsequently was made indistinct,  so that their desire for the world was allowed to remained between them and the world.


Hammaslahden koululaisia 2016 Kukkivalla Kivipellolla

I like the thought - the stones as a symbol of the reverse of transience ...
 My wish is that my Environmental art work "Message to the World" -at Niva ... -together with the 8 other art works in Blooming Stone field, -will unfold and do a differens in each individual viewer mind. "

By  Pernille Toft Lund, Denmark