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Katja Örnberg
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Katja Örnberg

Lives and works in Fiskars
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House in Woods
Online Exhibition of Katja Örnberg
Environmental Art Sculptures


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Katja Örnberg: House in Woods, Flash dia-show.

Are your dreaming about your own house?

"The red cottage and potatofield" is a metaphor of the wish for the liberty of Finns. It is a myth which lives especially in mind of the first generation's city dwellers.

Anyway Katja Örnberg is not only a daydreamer. "From These Plocks (after the Civil War, 1918)", is a key work of this exhibition collection.
We finnish have also our Civil War in our history, but we are very speechless cultur. After our Civil war 1918 and other wars, we have had to rebuild homes for many families. But just during last years, we have started to discuss about it.

Katja Örnberg: "Jaakko ja Pavunvarsi / Jake and Beanweevil", 2001, Art Goes Camping, Helsinki

Katja Örnberg: "Jaakko ja Pavunvarsi / Jake and Beanweevil", 2001, Art Goes Camping, Helsinki

Katja wrotes; "I see suuroundings and enviroment as an essential part of piece of art. As such, the forest is a very challenging space, because of its multitude, beauty, and constant transformation of its presence.
I'm intrested in people, especially in human mind. When I look at the world I see mainly how mankind has shaped it. I wonder about our motives and admire the many ways of our interactivity." Katja Örnberg 2009




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