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Your window on Finnish Environmental Art / Ympäristötaide verkossa / Editor: Lea Turto

Kaisa Salmi

Environmental Artist 

Lives and works in Helsinki
Email: kaisa(at)


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Green Utopia Gallery

Kaisa Salmi's career as an environmental artist began in 2000 as she was invited to build installations in three European Capitals of Culture. Salmi also visualizes music, contemporary dance, theater as well as opera with the leading choreographers and directors both in Finland and abroad.
In 2011 Salmi was recognized as The Artist of The Year by Finnish institute in Estonia. In Tallinn she built an installation Road To Heaven that was made of a couple of thousands old shoes that were painted white. This installation was later seen also in Stockholm and elsewhere in Europe.
Kaisa Salmi's environmental art works are often of social nature and they often situate in urban milieu.

"Ethics, aesthetics and ecological friendliness are essential in my work. I am concerned about the climate change. Urban milieu, the defects of our society and the relationship between man and nature interests me. With my works I strive for critical thinking and sharing of it. I also hope to benefit people and open new levels in our everyday life with my art."  by Kaisa Salmi 26.10.2011


Kaisa Salmi's Green Utopia

Kaisa Salmi: Vivan, edible sculture in a garden, 2011 syötävä veistos
Kaisa Salmi: "Vivan", eatable sculture in a garden, 2011 syötävä veistos, arsBoretumia näyttely Kemiönsaari 2011.

"Vivan" is an eatable work of art. Eating a part of it gives some other part a space to grow. There is sorrel and cabbage in the skirt part and on the breast there are strawberries. On the hands and on the head there is parsley and thyme among other things. This work reminds us of using our imagination to find and utilize our hidden vitality. This kind of a garden can be set up even in a small space in urban surroundings.

Green project "Eden"

Kaisa Salmi started her green project "Eden" by Greenhouse in 2000. 
She was invited to build installations in Helsinki European Capital of Culture.  She built a lighted up green house emitting sounds of summer. The work became very popular and it was rebuilt later a couple of times in the Helsinki center and also in the East Helsinki.

Kaisa salmi: Greenhouse, Helsinki
Kaisa Salmi: Greenhouse with sound, Helsinki in winter, inner court of Lasipalatsi. photo: Juha Niiranen

Kaisa Salmi: Gerberameri The second period of "Eden" started with "The Gerbera Sea" on the United Nation's Environment Day 2007, when  Kaisa Salmi spread a riot of flowers on the stairs of the Parliament House. This environment artwork was at the same time a comment of the interrelationship of nature and the political and social power.

Kaisa Salmi has decorated squares in Helsinki and Turku with tens of
thousand of flowers donated by the Finnish florist. The flowers were on their way to the dump, but instead Garden gave the opportunity to  Kaisa Salmi use them as material for her art.  For a few days the citys were overrun by nature. After the exhibitions the flowers were free picked up by the public...and all these Gerbera disappeared unbelievable quickly.

Photos from: The Eden IV Gerbera labyrinth at the Railwayquare in Helsinki 2009
The See of Gerberas, on the stairs of The Parliament House, Helsinki 2007
The Gerbera labyrinth in front of the Cathedral of Turku, the European Capital of Culture 2011
Piknik-Utopia, Helsinki 2011

Picnic Utopia and Day Dream

"My work Picnic Utopia closed a narrow street in the Helsinki center with a grass mat. The work acted as a sort of a coal sink.  It was letting people to have piknic on the street for a week. The Picnic Utopia was rebuilt in Tallinn in the summer 2011." by Kaisa Salmi

Kaisa Salmi, Picnic Utopia, Helsinki


Kaisa Salmi's Picnic-Utopia on the streets in the middle of Helsinki in 2011 was a protest against motoring and reckless consumption.

Kaisa Salmi, Picnic Utopia, Helsinki


Kaisa Salmi: Picnic Utopia,  real grass floor and table, Talinn


Picnic Utopia at Cultural Capital Tallinn 2011 Railwaystation. Kaisa Salmi overlays the floor and the table with real grass. 5 coaches were walking aroud and singing...

Kaisa salmi: Picnic utopia, Tallinn


Day Dreaming

Kaisa Salmi, Day dreaming

Day Dreaming
with string trio at Helsinki festival 2010

Kaisa salmi: Day dreaming with trio