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ZUZUSHII MONKEY sound installation
Garden Life (con el sol y gato) link: yotube
Soundscapers extraordinaire Fumiko & Tim
ääni-installaatio: kierrätysmateriaaleista valmistetut soittimet.
Japanilais-brittiläinen kulttuuriyhteistyöryhmä. linkki yotube taltiointiin

kesäkuu / june 2007 toimittaja / editor: Lea Turto

Oranki Art 07 näyttely, Pello

"Nothingness" 2007

*–³ mu (nothingness)
When you are hungry, everything you eat is delicious.
When you have everything, nothing is precious.
To achive "nothingness" is to undergo a complete change.
To return to our origins, to a state of selflessness.
*Why circle?
Paper from trees and return the paper to the trees and the earth. "It full circle"
*Why three circles?
The circles of trees are like ripples on water, forever going outward.

Meillä on velvollisuus suojella planeettaa ja säilyttää elämä.
Fumico kirjoitti japaniksi Nothingness parille kymmenelle riisipaperille, jotka hän kiinnitti kiviin ja puihin. Riisipaperi työt on kiinnitetty vehnäjauholiisterillä maastoon.

Fumico Azuma "Nothingness" 2007


Fumico Azuma "Nothingness" 2007

Fumico Azuma "Nothingless" 2007


Fumico Azuma "Nothingness" 2007
Fumicon meditatiivinen ympyrä.

Fumico on maalannut kenkiinsä viestin.

photos: Lea Turto



Fumico Azuma


Mixed media and installation artist. Japan.
Lives and works in London.

My artwork focuses on environmental issues, in a way that's easy for people to understand
The most important thing that can be passed onto the next generation is a safe and secure society.
We live on a unique planet that needs to be respected and maintained.
Exhibitions work with and around whatever space is available, as a full installations,
or collections of individual pieces, or a mixture of both.
Installations are not generally sold on, though other works are.

1. Siki Soku Ze Ku.
The things that exist in this life,
are phenomena in constant change,
nothing is forever,
nothing can be held.
Mixed media installation (wood, paper, electric light).

2. Fleeting.
Mixed media, featuring wooden chair and water tap.
90cm in height aprox. £500

3. To take care of.
Mixed media, featuring wooden chair and plant held in a fabric cradle.
90cm in height aprox. £500

4. Slavery.
Mixed media, featuring bird cage and computer keyboard keys.
40x50x40cm aprox. £400

5. Responsibility.
Mixed media, constructed around school desk, internal electric light, plastic grass.
70x55x50cm aprox.

6. Still Not Finished. (The Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster).
Mixed media installation, materials including children's gas masks, bathtub, electric lighting.