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Exhibition: 26.05. - 13.06.2012 Galleria Napa -Tyhjyys

Exhibition: 26.05. - 13.06.2012
Galleria Napa -Tyhjyys

Your window on Finnish Environmental Art / Ympäristötaide verkossa / Editor: Lea Turto

Essi Korva


Lives and works in Pello

Environmental Art 
"Tuholainen" / "Devastator"
Oranki Art 2011 -ympäristötaidenäyttely, sekatekniikka / Environmental Art Exhibition,
/ mixed media 

Essi Korva:  I live and work in Pello, in northern part of Finland. I was born here, but moved away at the age of seventeen, now I have moved back. The years in the cities has affected on my way to watch nature. Environment has become more important. Living in northern Finland has developed my way to relate to nature. Beautiful landscapes, northern polar nights, midnight sun, loneliness and complete emptiness has had a huge impact on all of my works.

Essi Korva ja Saara Mattila: Rokaille, Oranki art 2008 
Essi Korva and Saara Mattila: Rokaille, Oranki Art 2008 ( ympäristötaidenäyttely, kipsi, sekatekniikka) / Environmental Art exhibition, plaster, mixed media
Small faces on the wood relates to shell-shape and trough that to birth and death. Faces themselves are like burls which grow on the birch. Tree disease, small tumors, something between life and death. Faces are repetitive and rotate until the roots of the tree reminding of Rococo language. by Essi Korva 2012

Essi korva: Eksynyt / Lost Essi Korva, Eksynyt / Lost 
Essi Korva "Eksynyt / Lost",  Oranki Art 2012, kipsi, lehmänhäntäkarvat, maali / plaster, cow hair, paint

About my working prosess:

As a sculptor, I work constantly and when inspiration sweeps me away I work with speed and get done quickly. Usually I do not sketch or make miniatures of what I'm doing. When I start to work with a new sculpture everything depends on the place and material that I decide to use. I need to get to know of the place for moment before I get started and know what to do.

I work very intensively and spontaneously. In an instinctual way. The idea that I'm trying to capture will develop simultaneously while I'm working.

I make very figurative works usually there is a woman who has been picked up from a thought or a dream or some glimpse of an emotion. Often my works are expressing feelings of emptiness. Emptiness is the center of my work and it is something that I process in every sculpture. April 2012 by Essi Korva

Essi Korva , Tuholainen / Devastator,, Oranki Art 2011

"Tuholainen / Devastator",
 Oranki Art 2011, sekatekniikka / mixed media

I wanted to create a character that will cut down everything that comes in front of her. A character who is primitive and destructive whether it's mental or external world. The sculpture tells a story of human perseverance to achieve its goals and how much damage it can cause on the way.

Essi Korva`s passionate Spirit of Mother Earth reared in the lap of deep forest.

"Natural beauty" of the great cycle of the nature; erosion of land, rotting of woman body as well as the tree stump gives birth to a new life. The installation "raindrops" in the forest, resembles to sacrificial offerings on the branches of the trees as well than serious flying forest Elfs. It is a moment of Mother Earths "Culmination."
Essi Korva's sculptures of woman body are most expressive founded in middle of the forest.
text and slideshow by Lea Turto


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