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Your window on Finnish Environmental Art / Ympäristötaide verkossa / Editor:Lea Turto

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Virtual kataloog
- Environmental Art and Sculpture Exhibition
Ala-Malmin puisto, Helsinki 24.08. - 28.09. 2007


Kataloog of the Artists


Eeva-Liisa Sorainen, horse
Eeva-Liisa Mölsä


Ilari Kähönen, bee and sugar
Sweets for the ants and the bees!




Pekka Kainulainen, flower, head,performanssi
Photo: Lea Turto

At the opening of the Night of the Arts, performance art was provided by Pekka Kainulainen. He has previously often appeared with a pair of horns on his head, now with a flower cane.
"Good Heavens!" - A dance performance lasting approximately 10 minutes.

Inka Uusitalo, spinning whee

Inka Uusitalo, a young maiden in white, was found in the park at her spinning wheel, spinning the spiky thread of life with bleeding fingers.


Malmitalo Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki
Pääkaupunkiseuden opaskarttapalvelu


Ilari Kähönen, sugar


Is it Näkki (The Water Spirit) or medusa lurking in the pool?!!

Sugar, water, glass saucers, reindeer horns, springs - is this a recipe for environmental art? Come and see - free entry!
Environmental art works from Rovaniemi, Pyhäselkä, Jyäskylä, Turku, Lahti and the Helsinki region can be found, hidden or not, in Ala-Malmi Park. Humour, imagination and myths flavour the artists' commentary in defence of nature.

Lea Turto, stumps  
photo: Pasi Lepistö
Katariina salmijärvi
Photo: Lea Turto

Works of
Lea Turto


Katariina Salmijärvi

Videos: 28.09

Phil Bloom from Antwerp, Belgium, visited reindeer farms in Lapland in May. A premier of the performance video on the eternity sign walk will take place 28.09 in Ala-Malmi.

The Dance Group "Synthesis" presents a dance performance video, made outdoors in natural surroundings. It contains mythical and mystical signs, sticks, lads and lassies, water, mud, laughter and tears. The artists in the group hail from Finland, Russia and Ireland. The group is based in Niva. Check for screening times posted.

Tuija Lindfors
photo: Lea Turto
Lasse Lassheikki
Photo: Lea Turto

Works of
Tuija Lindforss


Lasse Lassheikki "Geoment".




Tuula Turkki, water bags

A spring from
Rovaniemi, Lapland, now available in Ala-Malmi, in handy bags, courtesy of Tuula Turkki’s water reserves.




Pertti saari, tree, ears
The Trees are listening by Pertti Saari, Rovaniemi





Anne Alho, Jyväskylä
Phil Bloom, Antwerpen
Marja Hakala, Helsinki
Erja Laakkonen, Helsinki
Virpi Lehto, Jyväskylä
T uija Lindfors, Vantaa
Pekka Kainulainen Sammatti
T uomas Korkalo, Imatra 
 Martti Kukkonen, Helsinki X
 Ilari Kähönen, Helsinki X
Lasse Lassheikk,i Lahti
 Päivi Maunu, Turku X
Eeva-Liisa Mölsä, Konnevesi
Anne Pehkonen, Pyhäselkä
Pertti Saari, Rovaniemi
Katariina Salmijärvi, Helsinki
Rune Snellman, Jyväskylä
Synthesis ryhmä
Mervi Toppila Helsinki
Tuula Turkki, Rovaniemi,
Lea Turto, Jyväskylä
Inka Uusitalo, Helsinki
Jarmo Vellonen, Porvoo


Anne Pehkonen
Anne Pehkonen:
"Fisher's Dance"
Salmon signs, ski poles and birch twigs from Niva!!!





Inka Uusitalo, young made

a young maiden in white, spinning the spiky thread of life with bleeding fingers.
Inka Uusitalo, Helsinki

Tuomas Korkalo, cows
by Tuomas Korkalo, Imatra

Lea Turto
Email: turto@pp.nic
gsm 0505490483






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Finnish Arts Council

Jyväskylä artists want to express their thanks to Jyväskylä City Council.

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Päivi Maunu, recycled glass
Life in a Pool by Päivi Maunu, Turku



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