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Anne Pehkonen
kuvataiteilija / visual artist

Fishers`s Dance 2007

koivunvarvut,vanhat suksisauvat, rautalanka, lohimerkit, nippusiteet.

-Teokseni Fishers´s Dance muuntuu aina kulloisenkin esityspaikan mukaan.Lisään tai vähennän pystysuoria sekä kiemurtelevia teoselementtejä, samoin teoksen kokonaismuoto, "tanssi", määräytyy ympäristön mukaan.

My work "Fishers' Dance" transforms itself accorind to the place of exhibition. I either add or take away vertical and twining work elements. Also the main form of work "Dance" is determined by the environment.

Salmon signs, ski poles and birch twigs.

Synthesis -video
Photografer and film production
Anne Pehkonen


Photo: Lea Turto



Environmental Art Exhibition

Fishers`s dance saapuu Malmille Rääkkylästä, Paksuniemen ympäristötaidepolulta.
Fishers`s dance at Rääkkylä, Paksuniemi.

Annes Homepage http://www.artpage-pehkonen.net/

Muita teoksia


Työskentelin Insterburgin linnan kansainvälisellä nykytaiteen festivaalilla 8-17.7.2007.

osa / detail

Ympäristöteos Jos meillä olisi valta maan päällä…, on omistettu noitina poltetuille naisille. Teos on keskiaikaisen linnan pihalla Chernjahovskin kaupungissa Kaliningradissa.

Teos koostuu kuorituista lehmuksista, virkatusta juustonkuorimuovista, hiusleteistä, punaisista kivistä sekä linnan muurista sortuneista tiilistä hakatusta tiilimurskasta.

The Name of Artwork: «If we had the power to do anything on earth…»

During the Middle Ages and up to about the mid-18 century,
women as witches were universally associated with evil, under the belief that the witch’s magical powers were granted by Satan in exchange for the witch’s soul.

It was extremely dangerous to be accused of being a witch, since a common punishment was to be burnt at the stake.

The hunts were most severe from 1580 to 1630, and the last known execution for witchcraft was in 1782. About 110,000 persons were tried for witchcraft, and no more than 40,000 to 60,000 executed.

Visual Artist Anne Pehkonen, Finland North Karelia

Artist’s Statement.
I am a Finnish visual artist. I live in Niva, a small village outside Joensuu city in eastern Finland, near the border of Russia.
I make performances, installations, videotapes, paintings, prints, drawings and photographs. I also work with used and discarded materials and natural materials. Working with nature fascinates me. My environmental works are momentary in nature; they act as transient signifiers of the space and time with which they exist. In my work I combine the aesthetics of old objects and their previous histories with psychoanalytical interpretation of human life.


Born in Varkaus, Finland, 1954.

Phone; +358500629751
Email: pehkan@luukku.com

Address; Nivanlammintie 91
82200 Hammaslahti

Art Education:
2005 Documentary Film Production Studies, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences.
2003 Fine Art, B.A., North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu, Finland.
2002 Fine Art, State Academy of Art and Design, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999 Drawing & Painting, North Karelia Open University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu.
1992-1993 Drawing, Vapaa Taidekoulu, Helsinki, Finland.

Other Education:
1976 Physiotherapy, Jyväskylä, Finland.
1979 Pedagogy, BSc., Jyväskylä.
1997 Social & Health Care Management, BSc., Kuopio, Finland.
1999 Sexual Counselling, Jyväskylä.
1999-2000 Art Therapy & Psychotherapy, University of Art and Design, Helsinki.

Exhibitions, Performances, Environmental Art, Winter Art & Community Art:

- Solo Exhibition Art Museum, Varkaus, Finland

- “The Way to the Home” –Environmental Art Camp with Russian and Finnish Artists, Eno, Finland
- Environmental Art Path, Verso Visual Artists, Rääkkylä, Finland
- Summer Exhibition, Verso Visual Artists, Wanhameijeri, Rääkkylä, Finland
- International Contemporary Art Festival, Kalingrad, Russia
- The Dialogues Biennale, Manege, St.Peterburg, Russia
- Exhibition with Reima Hirvonen, 3Huonetta+keittiö Gallery, Pori, Finland
- Exhibition with Merja Malkki, TalliGallery and Pölösen Sali, Enon Taidekartta, Finland
- Group Exhibition, Art Hall, Petroskoi, Russia
- Group Exhibition, Art Museum, Novgorod, Russia
- Summer Exhibiton of Artists´s Association of Joensuu, Vikilän Taidetalot, Juuka, Finland
- Exhibition of Artists´s Association of Joensuu, Tyko -Gallery, Nurmes, Finland
- Photos of Permission To Let Go- performance in Group Exhibition, Iceland

- Performance and Installation “Permission to Let Go” with dance artist Emilia Vepsäläinen, VI International Festival of Experimental Art, Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Performance “Synthesis”,International artist group, in Kihaus folk-music festival, Rääkkylä, Finland and In Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Performance with dance artist Emilia Vepsäläinen, Ahjo Art Centre, Joensuu, Finland.
- Performance, The Red Line, Florence, Italy.
- Group Exhibition, Gallery 16, Hengelo, Holland.
- Group Exhibition,Y-Gallery, Tarto, Estonia.
- Group Exhibition, Galleria Kohina, Joensuu, Finland.
- Group Exhibition “Puhelu”, Summer Gallery Wanha Mylly, Rääkkylä, Finland.
- Group Exhibition, ArtHouse, Pyhäselkä, Finland.
- Video Art, The VI International Festival of Experimental Art, Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Exhibition Dreams with Sini Silvennoinen in Silva-forest exhibition, Liperi, Finland
- Environmental artwork, Hoogspanning-Laagspanning, with Huub Mikx, Marko Saarelainen , Hengelo, Holland
- Environmental artwork,The Home Forest, Liperi, Finland.
- Environmental artwork on “Environmental Art Path” Rääkkylä, Finland.
- Environmental Artwork, The Pink Tree, Grassina, Italy.
- Environmental Winterart, Ice-Madonna, Pyhäselkä, Finland.
- Exhibition, Winterart-projects of village schools, Pyhäselkä, Finland.

- Solo Exhibition, Including Interactive Dance Performance by Emilia Vepsäläinen, Ahjo Art Centre, Joensuu.
- Exhibition with Áine Ivers including Interactive Dance Performance by Emilia Vepsäläinen, Nataly Zhestovskaya and Maria Ilyasova Pushkinskaya 10, Art Centre, The Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.Petersburg, Russia.
- Group Exhibition “ Juurista versoo”, Summer Gallery Wanha Mylly, Rääkkylä, Finland.
- International Group Performance in Revonkylä, Eno, Finland.
- Environmental artwork, Kihaus- folk music festival and Group “ Environmental Art Path”, Rääkkylä,
- Environmental artwork ”Dialogue”, Blankets on Crusted Hayfield, Pyhäselkä, Finland.
- Community Winter Art Project “Snow Wolf”, Kitee, Finland.
- Community Winter Art Project “Fantasy Village”, Rääkkylä, Finland.
- Winter Art Project “Loitsu-Snow Sculptures” with art students, Ilosaari, Joensuu, Finland.

- Environmental artwork ”Dialogue”, Blankets on Crusted Snow, Pyhäselkä, Finland.
- Exhibition “Niva Meadows’ Art Project”, Karelia Fair, Joensuu, Finland.

- Solo Exhibition Installation Meadow, Mystic Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finland.
- Exhibition with Lotta Määttänen and Milla Komu, Milla Komu Summer Gallery, Pyhäsalmi, Finland.
- Street Exhibition and Performance, “Country by Country”, St. Petersburg 300thAnniversary, Finnish Week, Russia.
- North Karelia Province Group Exhibition, Ahjo Art Centre, Joensuu, Finland.

- Solo Exhibition, Pyhäselkä, Kesälahti, Juuka Libraries & Lieksa Cultural Centre, Finland.
- Performance, “Country by Country”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Performance, The Yarn with dance artist Oili Viskari, Joensuu, Finland.
- Performance, Frozen Flower Bearing, in conjunction with The Pallet of Cows Environmental Dance, Liperi, Finland.
- Community Art Project,”The Hay Mammoth”, Pyhäselkä, Finland.
- Community Art Project,”City Haypoles” Joensuu Art Museum Environs, Finland.
- Installation, in conjunction with The Pallet of Cows Environmental Dance Happening, Eno, Finland.

- Solo Exhibition, Carelicum Cultural Centre, Joensuu, Finland.
- Community Art Project, ”The Scythe & The Blanket”, Pyhäselkä, Finland.

- Solo Exhibition, Mokoma Gallery, Joensuu, Finland.
- Exhibition with Milla Komu, Atski Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
- Summer Exhibition with Tuomo Airasmaa, Komu Gallery, Pyhäsalmi, Finland.

Video Art, videos of Community Art Projects and Performances:

2007 Self-Portrait, short film
2006 “Kipinä”-performance film
2004 ”Today At Home” short film.
2002 “Country by Country” - Performance in St. Petersburg, Russia.
2002 “Niva Meadows in the City”, community art film
2002 “The Hay Mammoth”, community art film
2001 “The Meadows of Niva”, community art film

Art Collections:

The Open College of Joensuu region, Finland; Sculpture.
Rääkkylä municipality, Finland; Environmental Artwork.
North Karelia College, Natural resources and the environment Kitee, Finland; Environmental Artwork.
The Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.Petersburg, Russia; Painting.
The Manege , St.Peterburg, Russia;Video Art


2007 The Finnish Cultural Foundation, North Karelia Foundation, The Walter and Elin Parviainen
Grant for studio work and exhibition
2007 Frame, Finnish Fund for Art Exchange; for the Group The Way To The Home III.
2007 Arts Council of Finland; Travel Grant for the Group The Way To The Home III.
2007 North Karelia Arts Council; Verso Visual Artists’ s Group.
2007 Foundation of Karelian Culture; Verso Visual Artists Group, Summer Exhibition.
2006 Arts Council of Finland; Travel Grant for Kipinä-Group St. Petersburg.
2006 North Karelia Arts Council; for Kipinä - project’s Group.
2006 North Karelia Arts Council; Verso Visual Artist’s Group.
2005 North Karelia Arts Council; God artist’s Grant for Projects.
2005 Arts Council of Finland; Travel Grant for Exhibition St. Petersburg.
2004 Arts Council of Finland; Travel Grant for Ural Mts., Russia.
2003 North Karelia Arts Council; Project Grant.
2002 North Karelia Arts Council; Niva Meadows’ Group

2003 Student Thesis of the Year, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences.
2006 Performance Permission to Let Go, VI International Festival of Experimental Art, St.
Petersburg, Russia.
Kipinä-Group-project, VI International Festival of Experimental Art, St. Petersburg, Russia


Artists’ Association of Finland (AAF) (www.artists.fi).
Artists’ Association Muu, Finland (www.muu.fi).
Artists’ Associaton of Joensuu (www.joensuuntaiteilijaseura.net).
Camera Association of Joensuu. Kuvasto ry.
Verso Visual Artists: Countryside artists’s group, Finland. Founding Member. 2004-
Kipinä- group;consists of Finnish, Russian and Irish visual, dance and music artists. Founding Member.2005-

Work History:


2007 The Way To the Home III –project. It is a environmental art-project of 15artists from Finland and Russia. Workshops and environmental-artworks In Finland, in Eno and exhibitions in Russia in Novgorod and in Petroskoi.
2006 The House of Europa (www.huisvooreuropatwente.nl), Workshops and exhibition with artists of Eno, Hengelo, Holland
2006 Kipinä-Project. It is a project group of 11 people; dance, visual and music artists. They are creating a collaborative, multidimensional art-happening for Kihaus Folk Music Festival 6-9.7.2006 Rääkkylä.
2005 - 06 Godartist-project: Winter Art-Projects with schoolchildren. Experimental art - project for the mentally handicapped. Environmental Art Project for Silva - Forest Exhibition.
2005 Joensuu“Mieleni minun tekevi”-Karelia-Day production, Loitsu-Snow Sculpture Project Leader.
2005 Eno Community Art Project, Environmental Artist and International Group Performance.
2004- 05 Kitee Town & Rääkkylä Village Community Winter Art/Snow Sculpture Project.
Project Leader. Community College of Central Karelia & Educational Dept.of Finland.
2004 Niva Meadows’, Community Art Project: Karelia Fair Exhibition Representative & Producer. Joensuu Leader Community Development Fund.
2002 The Pallet of Cows Environmental Dance Happening: Visual Art Planner & Producer. Joensuu Leader Community Development Fund and Joensuu Rural Cultural Co-operative.
2001- 03 Niva Meadows’ Community Art Project; Art Director. Joensuu Leader Community Development Fund, ”Pyhäselkä 4H Youth Society”.

2006- 2001 North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu, Finland.:

2007 Filming-travel, Black Sea – Roses ´s Sea, Bulgaria
2006 Art Residency, Grassina Studios, Italy.
2004 Filming-travel through the Ural Mountains, Russia.


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