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Theme of the season 2013: Recycled Art / kierrätystaide

ympäristötaide, Pertti Saari


in english SAVE VARTIOSAARI - Art Project II,  June 2 - September 29, 2013 in Helsinki Vartiosaari.

 SAVE VARTIOSAARI -taideprojekti II , 2.6.-29.9.2013 Helsingin Vartiosaaressa.

Save Vartiosaari 2013 photos




Artist of the month Kalle Hamn 

Garden of Undocumented
Pot garden, book and drawings, 2013

Garden of Undocumented is combined of thirteen plants, which artists have smuggled from outside of EU areas to Finland. The travelling story of the each plant is told in the book and in this way it continues artists. use of plants as a metaphor of refugee and immigrant. See also Immigrant Garden. Some of these plants have been smuggled from their original growing areas, but some of them have already a long history of being moved from one continent to another.

Kalle Hamn

interview of Kalle Hamn 2013
Kalle Hamm's and Dzamil Kamanger's works of garden.
Gardenb of Undocuemented: Gallery Villa Arttu, Hyvinkää
Garden of Invasive Alien Species: Land in Situ, Akaa                                                              
Garden of Invasive Alien Species: Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities, Espoo                                     Immigrant Garden: Jokigalleria, Eura   

"I made with Dzamil Kmanager our first art garden - Immigrant Garden - 2006 to the Harvest Exhibition in Fiskars (FI). Since that we have made two other art gardens too: Garden of Undocumented and Garden of Invasive Alien Species. Immigrant Garden has taken many different kind of shapes and forms depending the site and time. There is also so called Winter Garden version of it, which is made of pressed plants. 

I have collaborated with Dzamil Kamanger since 2000 and we have been dealing with migration and encounters of cultures I historical and present context in our artistic practice. Art Garden is natural perpetuum to our work where we explore different kind of doing and acts as art, like gardening for example.

If I have to categorize our artistic practice, it is some kind of site-specific environmental conceptual art, which sounds horrible and does not mean anything at all in the end. I rather see it belonging to that art historical continuum which has been exploring life as art and tried to minimized the border of art and everyday life. "
tells Kalle Hamn


Exhibitions, Festivals:

Harri Markkula artist of month

Hot Cubes third evolution version will be published in Helsinki Design Week
12 - 22.9.2012!

press materials
see also blog and photos: how to build a sauna in a one day

Harri Markkula: Hot Cube -sauna, Suomenlinna 2013

Hot Cube is a minimalistic sauna made by sculptor Harri Markkula. The outer surface of the wooden and windowless Hot Cube is tarred. The visitors can observe life in the water through the lattices of the sauna floor. The sauna is accessed by a small bridge. Hot Cube is designed to be a sensory site. The scents of fire, water, wood and tar strengthen the experience of archetypical basic elements. The steam of the ”water-based” sculpture is blissfully soft. fact sheet -pdf

more info:
contact email: harri.markkula(at)
press materials

in english Let´s go to sauna! Hot Cube -sauna in Helsinki Design Week
Place: Guest Harbor of Suomenlinna, Cafe Bar Valimo (

Time:  9.9. – 15.9.2013: Mon-Thu  11.00 – 21.00, Fri – Sun 11.00 – 16.00  AND 20.9. – 5.10.2013: Fri – Sun 11.00 – 16.00.
Reservations: tel. 09 – 692 6450 / directly from Cafe Bar Valimo / by e-mail:
Price: 50 € / 50 min, turns start at full hours. Sauna fits 5-6 people at a time. Please bring your own towel.

Hot Cube perustiedot -pdf

  Saunomaan! Hot Cube -sauna Helsinki Design Week -tapahtumassa
Paikka: Suomenlinnan vierasvenesatama, ravintola Valimo (

Aika:  9.9. – 15.9.2013: ma-to klo 11.00 – 21.00, pe – su klo 11.00 – 16.00 sekä 20.9. – 5.10.2013: pe – su 11.00 – 16.00. Varaukset: 09 – 692 6450 / suoraan ravintola Valimon kassalta / sähköpostilla
Hinta: 50 € / 50 min, vuoron aloitus tasatunnein. Saunaan mahtuu kerralla 5-6 hlöä. Oma pyyhe mukaan.

lisää infoa:
contact email: harri.markkula(at)
lehdistö tiedotteet

KOLI- Environmental Art Festival 13.-19.5
Lea Turto: Stone Svamps, communal Art workshop in Koli. More photos in Facebook
Lea Turto: yhteisötaideteos Kivisienet - alku. Koli 2013

Lea Turto: Yhteisötaideteos Kivisienet, Koli 2013, in prosess
Lea Turto: Stone Svamps communal Art in prosess

in english KOLI- Environmental Art Festival and Community based Art Project 2013-2015

18 invited artist from Scandinavia, Japan, Iceland, and Russia

Slash and Burn - Gallery - site specific art exhibition 15.6.- 30.10.2013
Wellcome to Koli village and National Park. North Karelia, Finland.

Project Manager Anne Pehkonen
Koli- Environmental Art Festival 2013

The artists’ residence Ryynänen acts as a meeting place during the festival. It will provide the information about the events, participating artists and collaborators.
Koli, Ryynänen

KOLI- ympäristötaidefestivaali on kolmivuotinen ympäristötaideprojekti Pohjois-Karjalassa. Se aloittaa toimintansa Kolin Kansallispuistossa ja Kolin kylällä toukokuussa 2013.

Festivaaliin on kutsuttu 18 taiteilijaa sekä Skandinavian maista kuin myös Venäjältä, Islannista sekä Japanista.

Taiteilijaresidenssi Ryynänen toimii festivaalin aikana info ja tapaamispaikkana. Projektin vetäjänä toimii kuvataiteilija Anne Pehkonen.

Kaskikalleria - ympäristötaidenäyttely 15.6.- 30.10.2013
Tervetuloa Kolin kylään ja kansallispuistoon Pohjois-Karjalaan.


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Featured Artists / Taiteilijat

Marja Hakala Marja Hakala
Kalle Hamm,
Dzamil Kamanger
Kalle Hamm
Timo Jokela Timo Jokela
Kaarina Kaikkonen Towards Flowing Waters
Pekka Kainulainen Pekka Kainulainen
Sauli Miettunen Sauli Miettunen
Anne Pehkonen Anne Pehkonen
Jaakko Pernu Jaakko Pernu, Flux Aura, ympäristötaide, pajuveistos
Michael Rahikainen Michael
Anni Rapinoja Anni Rapinoja
Juha Rouhikoski Juha Rouhikoski, valotaide
Kaisa Salmi Kaisa Salmi,.
Riitta Schildt Riitta Schildt, ympäristötaide,
Jenni Tieaho Jenni Tieaho, ympäristötaide,
Lea Turto Lea Turto, Plastic Garden, ympäristötaide, recycled art, kierrätystaide
Hanna Vainio Land Art of Hanna Vainio
Vinha-Jonna Vinha-Jonna, ympäristötaide
Katja Öhrnberg Katja Öhrnberg, ympäristötaide

Näyttelyryhmät /
Exhibition groups

Fire Art

Fire Bird, Fire Art, Fire Sculpture, tulitaide,

Näyttelyryhmät /
Exhibition groups

Oranki Art Park 2006, Pello, Lapland

Oranki Art Park 2007

Näyttelyryhmät /
Exhibition groups

Art and the Landscape in Finland

An exhibition collection of 20 artists, Adeleide Festival center 2007

Näyttelyryhmät /
Exhibition groups

PARK - Environmental Art and Sculpture Exhibition

An exhibition collection of 23 artists, Ala-Malmin puisto, Helsinki 24.08. - 28.09. 2007

Artists visited in Finland 07

(Japan / London)
Laura Feldberga
Ojars Feldbergs

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