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Your window on Finnish Environmental Art / Ympäristötaide verkossa / Editor:Lea Turto



Born in 1961 Haukipudas, Finland
Lives and works in Kemi, Finland
contact: +358 40 573 2956

The Art School of Tornio 1977-79
The Art Institute of Lahti 1982-86

(in Finland if not mentioned otherwise)

Aine Art Museum, Tornio, 2006
The Theatre of Imatra City, Imatra 1988
The Gallery of the Lahti Art Society , Lahti 1994
The Art museum of Kemi, Kemi 1994
Gallery Justin, Oulu 1994
STS 100- years, Sun Gallery, Rovaniemi 1995
The Historical museum of Kemi, Kemi 1997
Gallery Kipinä, Lahti 1998
Székesfehérvár, Hungary 2000
Gallery Leena Kuumola, Helsinki 2000
Otto Wallenius, Keminmaa 2001
Gallery Art Halvari, Oulu 2001


The Border Exhibition, Tornio-Haaparanta 1979-80
ARS ARCTICA 1981, -83, -96
The December Group, exhibitions in northern Finland and Sweden 1981-82
Lapp Art, Ranua 1983
The annual exhibition of the Artist Association of Lahti,
The Art Museum of Lahti 1985
The summer exhibition of the Artist Association the Lahti 1985
The final exhibition of the Art Institute of Lahti;
The Art Museums of Lahti and Kuusankoski 1986
The annual exhibition of the Artist Association of Oulu 1988
Arcus -90, Luleå, Sweden 1990
Kemin kuvataiteilijat ry:n vuosinäyttely, The Art Museum of Kemi 1991, 1999, 2000, 2001
Kemin kuvataiteilijat, Pelikan –gallery, Székesféhervar, Hungary 1999
Lapin läänin aluenäyttely, The Art Museum of Kemi, The Art Museum of Tornio 1992, 1997
Ars Eroc, Rovaniemi 1994
The exhibitions of the Artist Association of Lapland;
Marraskoski 1994, Haparanda, Sweden 1995, Sodankylä 1996, Kemi 1999, 2000
Barentsin salonki, Luleå, Sweden 1997
Exterus - environmental art exhibition, Lahti 1999
Skjl:n summer exhibition E. Cedergreutz art museum, Harjavalta 1999
Kemi Morte, Kemi 1998, 1999
Lapin taiteilijaseura, The Art Museum of Kemi 2000
Impression 2000 – woodcarving symposium, Székesfehérvár, Hungary 2000
St Kirill's day sculpture biennale, Velsk, Russia 2001
Oranki -project, environment art, Pello 2001
Sculpture Saarela, Oulu 2001
Kemin kuvataiteilijat, Summer exhibition 2001
Oranki Art 2001-05
TAJU 05, Hyvinkää, Finland 2005
X Mänttä Art Festival, 2005
Polar 67°Northern Art, Peking, China, 2006


Arkadia (Mural painting), Ounasjoen yläaste, County of Rovaniemi
Iloinen koulupäivä (Mural painting), Ounasjoen yläaste, County of Rovaniemi
Kaaret (Mural painting), Ounasjoen yläaste, County of Rovaniemi

Aine Art Museum, Tornio
Kemi Art Museum
Lahti Art Museum
Cities of Kemi (Finland), Luleå (Sweden), Székesféhervár (Hungary)
Counties of Pelkosenniemi and Keminmaa


Teacher, the Art School of Liminka 1988-89
Teacher, the Art School of Tornio 1990-1994
The Artist Association of Lapland
The Artist Association of Kemi
The Arctic Comic Centre, Kemi
HIAP; Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme (4 months) 1999-2000