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Your window on Finnish Environmental Art / Ympäristötaide verkossa / Editor:Lea Turto

Curriculum Vitae

Mervi Toppila s. 1970

Päivöläntie 25 b 9, 00730 Helsinki

0400 517 618

Art studies:
Pekka Halonen academy: 1998-2003
Studies in: Lahti Institute of fine arts 2003-2005

Private galleries:
2007 Helsinki artist society exhibition room
2007 Gallery Viileä punainen, Helsinki
2006 Gallery Gjutars, Vantaa
2005 Gallery Oma huone, Helsinki
2005 Gallery Raya, Turku
2004 Gallery 4-kuus, Helsinki
2003 Gallery Saskia, Tampere. Susanna Autio, Mervi Toppila
2003 Gallery Kipinä, Lahti

Group exhibitions:
2004 Environmental artworks, Kärsämäki. Tuomas Korkalo, Mervi Toppila
2003 Kaapelitehdas puristamo, Helsinki.
2003 Taidemylly, Kerava art museum
2003 Oranki art, environmental art exhibition
2002 Rajaton-Gränslös, Porvoo art factory
2002 Cultural project, veneer renovation, Masa-Yards, Helsinki
2001 Gygnaeus gallery, Helsinki.

Helsinki artist association

Work: "Step by step" / "Askel askeleelta"
Location:Oranki Art Park. Pello, 2003