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Your window on Finnish Environmental Art / Ympäristötaide verkossa / Editor:Lea Turto


Henrik Sohlbergintie 25 c 14
00640 Helsinki

"My interests are people, irlands, lights, colours, see, sky and stones. Mostly the place show the direction of my art peace. It can be painting, installation or environmental art piece.Environmental art is a concrete way of raise up the values of the area, to see ones own environment in a new way and get interested in influencing it."

Visual artist Jonna Pohjalainen lives and works in Oulunkylä, Helsinki.
She has studied in Free Art School, Helsinki during the years 1987-1988 and graduated from Art School Maa, Helsinki in 1993 and Masters of Environmental Art programme in University of Art and Design Helsinki 2007.

Pohjalainen´s works were shown for the first time during the art school years in 1990.
After that her works has been shown in several group exhibitions for example in The Young Artists' Exhibition in Helsinki Kunsthalle 1992 and 1993, The Spirit of Earth in Helsinki Kunsthalle 1993 and The Silence of Earth in the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku 1996.

Her first solo show was in Gallery Andorra, Helsinki1994. Her latest solo shows has been in Taidesalonki, Helsinki 2001, Ars Populus in Hyvinkää Art Museum 2001 and Lähi-Ö in the Gallery Stoa, Helsinki 2002.

Her works has also been shown in solo and group exhibitions abroad for example in Italy, Germany and USA. In 1995 and 1996 she was invited with the "Tallinna Group" to the architecture workshop Ristmik in Tarto, Estonia and in 2001 she took part in Finnish Painters' Union's Finnish-Hungarian Artist Symposium in Hungary.

Pohjalainen also works with installations, environmental and community art projects and performance. Here are mentioned performances Under The Same Sky in the Turku Cathedral 1995 and Lunch in Myllypuro, Helsinki 1999, community art projects Giverny In The City: Home Art Laboratory in Myllypuro, Helsinki 2000-2001, The Circles of Light in Myllypuro 2003-2005 and Between The Bridges in Jämsä 2005 in which she took part as an invited artist.
She has also taken part in several environmental art exhibitions the latest of which was Environmental Art workshop of the Open Air Art Museum in Pedvale.

Pohjalainen has worked as an urban artist of Helsinki Citie's Urban Project during the years 1996-2000 and as a community artist during the years 2001-2006.
During her years as an urban and community artist she has produced many environmental and community art projects in the Eastern Helsinki and given lectures about community art for example in Helsinki, Turku and Oulu. She has also been teaching art since 1996 for example in Art School Maa (1996-2000).


Visual Artist Curriculum Vitae
Jonna Pohjalainen
Henrik Sohlbergintie-25 C 14
00640 Helsinki


1962 Kirkkonummi

2007 Univercity of Art and Design Helsinki/ ma- program in Environmental Art
2002 Advanced cource of Vedic Art by Kurt Källman, Sweden
2000 Teacher of Vedic Art , Hartolas College by Kurt Källman
1999, 2000 Basic and Advanced cource of Veda Art
1994-1995 Knowledge of Art, University of Art and Design, Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy of Finland
1994 The Mime Centre, Helsinki and London
1993 Art School MAA
1987-1988 Free Art School, Drawning

2003-2007 Kivinokka Environment Art Exhibition, Helsinki
2003 -2004 Light for the Window- Light Wheels, Light Festival, Helsinki
2003 Kick for the Life! - Shoes, O 2 Helsinki
2001 Mätäjoki Environmental Art Exhibition
2000 Ydyn Ytyjä - Environmental Art Association´s Exhibition, Gallery Allinna, Riihimäki
1996 Flux Aura Environmental Art Exhibition, Turku
2005 Lönnström Art Museum 2005
1996 Flux Aura Exhibition, Wäinö Aaltosen museo
1993 Naisen Nauru - Woman´s Laughter, Turku and
1992 and 1994 Young Artists´ Exhibition, Kunsthalle,
1990 and 1991 Gallery Vapauden Aukio, Helsinki

2005 Between the bridges 2005, Environment Art Exhibition, Joki ry Jämsä
2001 Lähi-Ö, East-artist of the year, Stoa Kulture Center of Helsinki
1998 The Exhibition of Art School MAA, Pärnu
1996 Silence of Earth, Wäinö Aaltosen museo, Turku
1995 Summer Exhibition of Hyvinkää Artists´Association, Hyvinkää
1993 Spirit of Earth, Kunsthalle Helsinki
Modern Art Museum, Estonia

2007 Galleria Katariina Helsinki
2001 Hyvinkää Art Museum
1999, 2002,2004 Gallery Café Merlot, Helsinki
1997, 1999, 2001 Taidesalonki, Helsinki
1996 Brinkkala Gallery, Turku
1995 Promenade Gallery, Hyvinkää
1994 Andorra, Helsinki

2002 Finnish and Hungary Symposium, Finnish Painters Union, Felsöörs, Hungary
2001 Nord Art 2001, Budelsdorf, Saksa 2001
2001 Urban laboratorio, Bari , italia 2001
1998 Art School MAA, Students with teachers Group Exhibition, Pärnu Modern Art Museum, Estonia
1995 and 1996 Ristmik - Architecture Workshop With The Tallinn Group, Tarto, Estonia
2006 Open Air Art Museum in Pedvale, Latvia
2004 International Environmental Art Exhipition Hartman Center Art Gallery, Illinois Usa

2003-2005 Light out of the windows -Light wheels, Light festivals. Helsinki 2003-2005
2002 Suomi-Unkari Symposium 1.8.-10.8.2002, TML Halosen Akatemia
2000 Truth Is Freedom, Esplanade, Helsinki
2000 Home As An Art-Laboratory, Myllypuro, Helsinki 1999 A Lunch, Helsinki
1999 Earth-Air-Fire-Water, Magic Journey Festival, Helsinki
1998 White Macig, Time Journey Festival, Helsinki
1997 A Gift of Seeing, Power of Light Festival, Helsinki
1996 A Walk, Flux Aura, Turku
1996 A Silent Light is Filtered Through The Hardest Stone, STOA, Helsinki
1996 Yellow Flowers, STOA, Culture Central of Helsinki
1995 Rasputin, Andorra, Helsinki
1995 Aino´s Journey, Turku Cathedral
1994 2000 Candles in The Heart of The Aura River, Scandinavian Woman Forum, Turku

2007- Nomad ry, president
2004 Lecture, Laurea, Vantaa
2004 Lecture, Oulun Taidemuseo, Lecture
2003 Nordic konference, Lecture 9.9.-10.9.03 Kiasma/Myllypuro Helsinki
2003 Lecture, Stadia, Helsinki
2001, 2002 Teacher of Veda Art, Hartolas College
2002 Lecture, Humak. Helsinki
2001 Art Society of East-Helsinki
2000 Casa Finlandese, Grassina, Florence, Italy
1999 Urban Culture Lab, ICE, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
1998 Curator of The Exhibition of Art School MAA in Pärnu Modern Art Museum
1996-2004 Community Artist of Myllypuro Suburb, The Urban Project of Helsinki
1997-2000 Art School MAA, Day Classes, Helsinki
1996-1998 Art School MAA, Evening Classes, Helsinki
1992-1995 Arbetarinstitut, Helsinki

2000 Ympäristötaiteen säätiö
2000 Finnish Artists´ Association
1992 Arts Council of Uusimaa

Finnish Painters´Union
Helsinki Artists´Association
2002- Nomad Group
2001- 2003 Nordic Art Association.
1999- Environmental Art Association YTY

The Red Cross of Finland
Finnish Artists´ Association
Private Collections